Allegretto in C Minor, Hess 66 (mp3)

Allegretto in C Minor, Hess 66 (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 3:12
Allegretto in C Minor, Hess 66
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Author: Willem
Length: 3:00
The Allegretto in C minor, Hess 66, gives us the real Beethoven-sound. Full of drama and demanding a fair amount of virtuosity, it is an excellent piece for any piano lion. It is in fact another version of WoO 53, and dates from between 1796 and 98. The main differences with WoO 53 are in the second phrase of the trio and in the coda.

In bar 26 a natural indicates a deliberate clash between E flat and D natural; the equivalent bar after the trio (bar 116) does have a D flat. Since E-flat against D doesn't make much sense harmonically, we can assume that the natural is just another reading error by Hess.

Published in Hess Supp.Vol.IX, p.17.

Hess: 66

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