Allegretto in C minor, Hess 69 (mp3)

Allegretto in C minor, Hess 69 (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 2:25
Allegretto in C Minor, Hess 69
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Author: Willem
Length: 2:20
Allegretto in C minor, Hess 69 (about 1797).

This Allegretto is in three sections: A - B - A'. After the gentle melody of the middle section in C major, the varied repetition of the A section gives us a real Beethovenian explosion. At the start of the coda [2:07], two fortissimo chords signify the fatallistic acceptance of a bitter truth; after which the main motif is echoed alternately in the bass and discant: the subdued soul continues its path disquietly, to meet its doom.

Published in Hess Supp.Vol.IX, p.19.

Hess: 69

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