Adagio ma non molto in G, Hess 70

Adagio ma non molto in G, Hess 70
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:23
Adagio ma non molto, in G, Hess 70 (1803-1804)

This brief piano composition (or the beginning of one) is found in the Landsberg 6, or Eroica, sketchbook used by Beethoven between June 1803 and April 1804. This piece is found on page 116 of the sketchbook, at the end of the sketches for Vestas Feuer, Hess 115, and just before the serious working out of the Waldstein sonata, op. 53. This fragment was identified by Gustav Nottebohm as the beginning of an Adagio, but it feels more like a transitional element than the beginning of a piece. However, it can stand on its own as a brief little bagatelle. A world premiere for the Unheard Beethoven, this piece has never before been recorded or published. The original is held in the Biblioteca Jagiellonski in Krakow, Poland, part of the World War II booty seized from the Berlin archives.

Hess: 70

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