Marsch in Geschwinden Tempo, Hess Anh. 4

Marsch in Geschwinden Tempo, Hess Anh. 4
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Author: Armando Orlandi
Length: 2:27
March in Geschwinden Tempo, Hess Anhang 4.

Marsch in Geschwinden Tempo, Hess Anh. 4 This "Quick March" may well be by Beethoven. The original is written for a large woodwind band (including three bassoons!). The score was purchased from Beethoven's estate by August Artaria, the Viennese music publisher, but the score is not in Beethoven's hand. Hess believed this march to be very possibly Beethoven's work (notwithstanding someone's note at the bottom of the score to the effect that it 'cannot be by Beethoven'). The march does seem to be about on a par with Beethoven's known works for wind band, WoO 18-24. Hess notes that the scoring is very similar to that of the March WoO 24, which is known to be by Beethoven. The Trio seems to be out of proportion with the march, which Hess took as the primary argument against it being by Beethoven. Although Willy Hess published a piano arrangement of the march, the original wind band score has never been published or heard before now. The score was provided courtesy of the Vienna City Library.

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