Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, op. 125, First movement (1820-1822)

Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, op. 125, First movement (1820-1822)
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Author: Gerd Prengel
Length: 4:23
Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, op. 125, First Movement (1820-1822)

This midi file, presented by courtesy of its author, Gerd Prengel, renders the most relevant sketches for the 1st movement on the Ninth symphony, mainly those for exposition and the development. The sketches are primarily from sketchbooks Landsberg 8/1 and 8/2 and selected leaves that once were part of those sketchbooks.

Gerd Prengel writes:

The introduction and the main theme is found from the beginning but the rest in the first trials is very awkward and still far from the final version, but from new trial to new trial we can see how he proceeds and the movement gets shape. First he works only on the exposition. After this has found a form which is maybe 60% of the final version he starts with the development, and these sketches are the most fascinating ones, mainly dealing with a counterpoint exploration of the main theme, but still pretty far from the version in the form we know today. The sketches for the recapitulation right away come very close to the final version and what he develops here later will in some cases also be included in the exposition. The sketches for the coda are rather short.

After these sketch phase he began to write the score (not in my midi). Especially the development and the coda find here their final form. In this score version however are so many changes and corrections that he had to write a new and final score autograph.

Some more detailed explanations:

Time Mark       Measure          Sketch for measure in
of Midi             of Midi          the final score

Sketches for the Exposition

00:01           1                1      
First draft of the main theme as in the score in d minor and Bb Major

01:05           41              17     
A new draft for the main theme, coming closer to the score 

01:39           63                     
An attempt to develop the main theme

01:48           68              13      
3rd draft for the opening of the exposition with a thrilling passage at m. 90 (02:24)

03:05           116             219      
The first appearance of an 1/8 countersubject which plays a significant role later in the development

03:26           130             102      
First appearance of the rhytmic 3rd theme but with another dolce response

03:39           138             138      
First sketch for a figure for the end part of the exposition

03:46           141              
A later abandoned draft for the end of the exposition

04:56           185              74       
First sketch for the 2nd theme

05:05           191             150      
End of the expostion, coming close to the score

05:15           197
Extended draft for the exposition, 2nd theme and further themes have been found

09:24           340             132      
First attempt for the fast 1/32 passage
09:36           348             132      
Second attempt for the fast 1/32 passage 

Sketches for the development

09:55           358              
Very interesting sketch where Beethoven uses the second motif of the main theme as a countersubject for the first motif. Very thrilling, but nonetheless Beethoven abandoned this later.

10:18           370             218      
Sketches for the gigantic c minor fugato

10:55           393              
A further interesting counter motif which Beethoven also abandoned 
11:32           414              
Sketches for the cantabile variation of the main theme

12:03           430              
Further sketches for the c minor fugato

13:22           475             259      
Sketches for the heavenly cantabile passages (a minor and F major)

14:00           498             298      
Transition to the recapitulation 

15:13           541              
Sketches for the Coda 

Opus: 125

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