Schmerzenwalzer, Anh. 14 Nr. 2

Schmerzenwalzer, Anh. 14 Nr. 2
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Author: Armando Orlandi
Length: 2:05
Six Waltzes, Anhang 14.

These six waltzes are almost certainly not by Beethoven. The first waltz, "Sehnsuchtwalzer" in A-flat (which is a conflation of 'Trauerwalzer' by Franz Schubert and 'Favoritwalzer' by Fr. H. Himmel) was published under Beethoven's name by the Schott firm in Mainz in 1826. It and the other five waltzes were published as a set by Schott in 1828, the year after Beethoven's death, together with the Funeral March from the Piano Sonata op. 26, as a "Souvenir a Beethoven." The identity of the composer or composers of the last five waltzes is unknown.

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