“Seldom Heard” Works from the Hess Anhang

Willy Hess also included an Appendix (Anhang) of Doubtful Works in his catalogue, a few of which compositions have been recorded.

Hess Anh. 2 Yorck’sher Marsch unauthorized arrangement by an unknown hand of March in F WoO 18 (1817). This arrangement of WoO 18 has no trio, uses flutes instead of piccolo, but includes “Turkish elements” (cymbals, triangle), and has a greatly expanded brass instrumentation. This arrangement is included in Karajan’s set of Preussiche & Osterreichische Marsche & Blaser der Berliner Philharmonker/Karajan and also on CD 25 of the DG BTHVN 2020 – Beethoven The New Complete Edition [123 CD].

Hess Anh. 4 “Marsch in geschwindem tempo” for piano is performed by Steven Beck on Military Music for Piano from Monument Records. The Beck CD is available here.

Hess Anh. 8 Flute Quintet in G, arranged from Piano Sonata op. 30 nr. 3. Kontrapunkt 32160/61, Toke Lund Christianson, Flute.

Hess Anh. 21 Bagatelle “op. 119 nr.12”, is played by Steven Beck on Beethoven: Cameos for Piano, Monument Records 03.04.01. That disc is available directly from Monument Records.

Hess Anh. 57 Fugue on Dona nobis pacem is performed by Tobias Koch in a piano arrangement by Julia Ronge of the Beethovenhaus on CD 99 of the DG BTHVN 2020 – Beethoven The New Complete Edition [123 CD].

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