So, What’s New?

Yes, we’ve been quiet for a very, very long time. In addition, the old website from 1999 was showing its age, and it was time to put a new face on it. With the 2013 relaunch of The Unheard Beethoven, we’re not just upgrading our interface and making the site a little prettier. We have been busy and offer a number of completely new items for your listening pleasure. We’ve also added mp3 versions of many of the favorite works from the site, so you’re no longer dependent on how good your soundcard and MIDI reproduction is. Now you can get the benefit of our synthesized versions, so you can hear them the way we do. A significant number of the texts have also been updated and spruced up. It’s our plan to continue the upgrade, with added mp3s and videos and other surprises. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section!

The brand new works:

Two Preludes through All the Keys for organ, op. 39
March in F for wind band, WoO 18
Two Study Canons, WoO 160(mp3)
Canon,’Kurz ist der Schmerz,’ first version WoO 163 (mp3)
Canon,’Kurz ist der Schmerz,’ second version WoO 166 (mp3)
Canon ‘Glück fehl dir’, WoO 171 (mp3)
Canon, ‘O Tobias,’ WoO 182 (mp3)
Canon, ‘Da ist das Werk’, WoO 197 (mp3)
Six String Quartets, WoO Anhang 2 (mp3)
Three Pieces for piano four hands, WoO Anhang 8 (mp3)
Jubelwalzer, WoO Anhang 16 nr. 1
Mondscheinwalzer, WoO Anhang 16 nr. 4
Introduction and waltz, WoO Anhang 17
An Sie (Nachruf), WoO Anhang 18
Canon,’Herr Graf,’ Hess 276 (mp3)
Andante in D for clavicembalo, Gardi Anhang 1 (mp3)

Japanese composer Hideaki Shichida has also contributed his realizations of the Tenth Symphony sketches, Biamonti 838, and the unfinished String Quintet WoO 62.

Selected new mp3 recordings:

Piano Trio after String Trio op. 3, Hess 47 [first movement and beginning of second movement]
Abandoned String Quartet beginning for ‘Prometheus Variations op. 35, Gardi 22
Cadenza to Piano Concerto nr. 4 op. 58, Hess 81
Rejected Ending to Scene by the Brook, Sixth Symphony op. 68, Gardi 24
Original Introduction to Choral Fantasia op. 80, Hess 16
Wellington’s Victory op. 91, for Piano and Two Cannons, Hess 97
Wellington’s Victory, Original Version for Panharmonikon, Hess 108
Seventh Symphony op. 92 for Piano (Fragment), Hess 96

Ritterballett, WoO 1, Arranged for Piano, Hess 89
Six Minuets for Piano, WoO 10
Minuets for Orchestra WoO 12
Twelve German Dances WoO 13, orchestrated by Willem
Twelve Ecosaisses, WoO 16
March in F (with Trio) for wind band, WoO 19
Ecossaise in G, WoO 23, piano version by Carl Czerny
Rondo in C, WoO 48
Piano Sonatina in F, WoO 50
Für Elise, WoO 59, 1822 Revised Version
Bagatelle in B-flat ‘Ziemlich Lebhaft’, WoO 60
Allegretto in B minor, WoO 61
Bagatelle in G minor, WoO 61a
String Quintet in C, Introduction to First Movement, WoO 62
Allemande in A, WoO 81
Minuet in E-flat, WoO 82
Lost Cadenza to Leopold Cantata WoO 88 (1791?), Biamonti 16
Erlkönig WoO 131 (completed)
Early version of ‘An de Geliebte’ WoO 140, Gardi 28
Holz geigt die Quartette, WoO 204
Musical Greetings, ‘Tobias, Tobias,’WoO 205h and ‘Bester Tobias,’ WoO 205
Eight Varations for Piano on ‘Ich hab’ ein kleines Huettchen nur,’ WoO Anhang 8
Adieu to the Piano, WoO Anhang 15
Gertrude’s Dream, waltz for piano, WoO Anhang 16 nr. 2

First Movement of B-Flat Piano Concerto (Fragment), Hess 14
String Quintet Movement in D Minor, Hess 40
Bagatelle in C, Hess 57
Anglaise in D, Hess 61
Kaplied, Hess 63
Fugue in C, Hess 64
Allegretto in C minor, Hess 69
Theme and Variation in A minor, Hess 72
Bagatelle in C, Hess 73
Bagatelle in E-flat Hess 74
Rastlose Liebe (completion), Hess 149
Choralfuge in F, Hess 239 nr. 1
Choralfuge in D minor, Hess 239 nr. 2
Choralfuge in G, Hess 239 nr. 3
Double Fugue in C, Hess 243 nr. 1
Double Fugue in F, Hess 243 nr. 2
Double Fugue in C, Hess 243 nr. 3
Double Fugue in C, Hess 243 nr. 4
Double Fugue in D minor, Hess 243 nr. 5
Triple Fugue in D minor, Hess 244 nr. 1
Triple Fugue in F, Hess 244 nr. 2
Double Fugue, ‘Kyrie eleison,’ Hess 246
Canon in G, Hess 274
Canon in A-flat, Hess 275
Canon, ‘Liebe mich, werter Weissenbach,’ Hess 300
Melody in C minor, Hess 324
Piece in D, Hess 325
Fugue in C (Sketch and Completion), Hess 326
‘Dona nobis pacem,’ Fugue for 4 Voices, Hess Anhang 57

Der Arme Componist (The Poor Composer), Biamonti 15
Andante in C, Biamonti 52
Minuet in F. Biamonti 66
Minuet in C, Biamonti 74
Minuet in B-flat (Sketch and Completion), Biamonti 228
Minuet in D (Sketch and Completion), Biamonti 249
Minuet in D (Sketch and Completion), Biamonti 252
Three-part Canon in C minor, Biamonti 811, performed live

Canon in A, Gardi 7
String Quartet in B Minor for Richard Ford (Pencarrow Quartet), Gardi 16

Many thanks to Armando Orlandi for his contributions as well. Look for new and updated works in the near future! We will announce them with posts here in The Unheard Blog. And we promise the wait will be less than five years this time!