The New Kinsky-Halm Catalogue

Our friends at the Beethovenhaus have issued through Henle the long-awaited second edition of the classic Thematic Catalogue of Beethoven’s Works by Georg Kinsky and Hans Halm. The new edition, edited by Kurt Dorfmüller, Norbert Gertsch and Julia Ronge, brings much of the research up to date. The new catalogue adds a few dozen works to the catalogue of WoO numbers (Works without Opus number), plus adds the category of Unvollendete (unfinished works). EDIT: Our sincere thanks to reader Vladimir Stoliar, who provided a number of corrections and additions to our initial list for Unv 18, WoO 213 and WoO 228a, which are now incorporated in the below list.

As time permits, we will be adding these numbers to our database, but we thought it would be useful to provide a list here. First, the added WoO works and their former Hess, Biamonti, or Gardi equivalents.

WoO 206 Oboe Concerto (lost) = Hess 12
WoO 207 Romance cantabile = Hess 13
WoO 208 Quintet in E-flat = Hess 19
WoO 209 Minuet in A-flat = Hess 33 and the piano version Hess 88
WoO 210 Allegretto for string quartet in B minor (Pencarrow Quartet) = Gardi 16
WoO 211 Andante in C = Biamonti 52
WoO 212 Anglaise in D = Hess 61
WoO 213 Four bagatelles for piano found in the new Gesamtausgabe VII/6. #1 is Andante in D-flat, Biamonti 283; #2 is Finale in G, Biamonti 282; #3 is the second part in A of the Allegro in A-flat and A, Biamonti 284; and #4 is Rondo in A, Biamonti 275. #1 and #4 were issued in an edition by Novello, edited by Barry Cooper, along with the 1822 version of Für Elise.
WoO 214 Allegretto in C minor = Hess 69
WoO 215 Fugue in C = Hess 64
WoO 216 Two bagatelles for piano = Hess 73 in C and Hess 74 in E-flat
WoO 217 Minuet in F = Biamonti 66
WoO 218 Minuet in C = Biamonti 74
WoO 219 Waltz or Laendler in C minor = Hess 68
WoO 220 Kriegslied für die verbündeten Heere (lost) = Hess 123
WoO 221 Canon, Herr Graf = Hess 276
WoO 222 Canon in A-flat = Hess 275
WoO 223 Thut auf = Biamonti 752
WoO 224 Cacatum non est Pictum = Gardi 9
WoO 225 Grossen Dank für solche Gnade = Hess 303
WoO 226 Fettlümerl und Bankert haben triumphirt = Hess 260
WoO 227 Esel aller Esel, musical joke = Hess 277
WoO 228a Musical greeting, Ah, Tobias, Gardi 14 found in the new Gesamtausgabe XII/2
WoO 228b Musical greeting, Tobias = Hess 285

Following is the list of Unfinished Works:

Unv 1 Symphony in C minor = Hess 298
Unv 2 Sketches for a symphony in C (parts of which were reused for Symphony #1) = Biamonti 73
Unv 3 Tenth Symphony = Biamonti 838
Unv 4 Sketches for a BACH Overture = Biamonti 832
Unv 5 Concertante in D = Gardi 3
Unv 6 Piano Concerto #6 in D = Hess 15
Unv 7 String Quintet movement in D minor = Hess 40
Unv 8 Duo for Violin and Cello in E-flat = Gardi 2
Unv 9 Allegretto in E-flat for Piano Trio = Hess 48
Unv 10 Piano Trio in F minor = Biamonti 637
Unv 11 Violin Sonata in A = Hess 46
Unv 12 Fantasia/Piano Sonata in D = Biamonti 213
Unv 13 Piano Sonata in E-flat found at Fischhof 42v, uncatalogued
Unv 14 Variations for Piano in A found at Fischhof 25v through 26v, uncatalogued
Unv 15 Opera, Vestas Feuer = Hess 115
Unv 16 Opera, Macbeth = Biamonti 454
Unv 17 Cantata, Europens Befreiungsstunde = Hess 317
Unv 18 Östreich über alles, Song for Chorus and Orchestra, Biamonti 477
Unv 19 Cantata for voice and piano in B-flat, found in Fischhof f.1v, Kafka f.100r and a.66 f.1r. Uncatalogued
Unv 20 Lamentations of Jeremiah = Gardi 4
Unv 21 Song, Traute Henriette = Hess 151
Unv 22 Song, Rastlose Liebe = Hess 149
Unv 23 Song, Heidenröslein = Hess 150

The new Kinsky-Halm catalogue also attributes several works to persons other than Beethoven. The piano trio Anhang 3 and the Rondo in B-flat for piano Anhang 6 are attributed to Ludwig’s brother, Caspar Carl van Beethoven. The musical joke ‘Holz, Holz, geigt die Quartette so,’ WoO 204, is attributed to Karl Holz himself!

Please bear with us as we update the cross-references. If you have any other additions or comments, please email us or leave a comment.