Was ist das Gardiverzeichnis?

It did not take long after we embarked on The Unheard Beethoven project to recognize that, as wide-spanning as the Biamonti catalog was, there were plenty of Beethoven compositions, finished and unfinished, that lacked any sort of catalog number or other means of identification. Since we had dealt with the Hess Catalog, or Hessverzeichnis, extensively, we decided to make our own catalog, the Gardiverzeichnis.

We have received quite a few inquiries as to what is in the Gardiverzeichnis. Because it is very much a work in progress, and thus far the numbering has been utterly haphazard, we have been hesitant to show our work. By the same token, we understand that it’s a bit frustrating to users not to have any sense of what this list is, or what is on it.

So, in recognition of the Revival of The Unheard Beethoven, following is a list of the Gardiverzeichnis as it exists at this moment. It is subject to change, complete rearrangement, codification and annihilation. But for those with inquiring minds, here it is:


1. Slow Movement in E for a Symphony (1796?) From the Kafka Miscellany 81v, 82r
2. Duo for Violin and Cello in E-flat (1790-92) From the Kafka Miscellany 130r
3. Unfinished Triple Concerto in D (1802) Kessler 38v-39r, 40v-43r, 71r
4. Lamentations of Jeremiah (1790-92) From the Kafka Miscellany 96r
5. Original Version of Rondo Piano Concerto Nr. 3 (1796?) From the Kafka Miscellany 82r
6. Etude in A-flat (1794-1795) Kafka Miscellany 60r
7. Canon in A (1797?) Kafka Miscellany 103v
8. Composition in C for Piano (1793-96? ) From the Kafka Miscellany 161v
9. Canon, “Cacatum non est pictum” (late 1815-early 1816) Add. Ms. 29997, British Library
10. Minuet in D minor (1790-92) Fischhof Miscellany 2r
11. Contredanse for Orchestra in B-flat (1796) Fischhof Miscellany 14v
12. Minuet in G for String Trio (1795) Fischhof Miscellany 39r
13. Minuet in B major/minor (1792-93 )Fischhof Miscellany 6v
14. Musical puzzle, Ach Tobias, Tobias (1825) Letter 1457
15. Orchestral piece in E-flat (1802) Kessler 87r
16. String Quartet in B minor for Richard Ford (Pencarrow Quartet) (1817)
17. Melodies for Two Songs, probably additional versions of Heidenroeslein, from Paris Ms. 79 (1796)
18. Der gute Fuerst, Kafka Miscellany
19. Minuet in C SV 154 p. 83
20. Lost Third Variation on ‘St. Patrick’s Day’, op. 107 nr. 4 (1818) Thomson letter of January 8, 1819
21. Andante (First version of String Quartet op. 18 nr.4) (1799), British Library Add. Ms 29997, folio 8r
22. Abandoned String Quartet beginning for ‘Prometheus Variations op. 35 (1802), Kessler sketchbook folio 83
23. Original Finale in c minor to Fifth Symphony op. 67 (1804) aut. 19e last pages
24. Symphony Nr. 6, op. 68, Second Movement (Later version of Ending), Baerenreiter edition 6th Symphony Critical Commentary p. 27 (autograph is Beethovenhaus BH 64 folio 69v)
25. Una Paloma Blanca, First version of WoO 158a Nr. 19 (1816) SBH 591
26. Sketches for unused variations for Diabelli Variations op. 120 Wittgenstein sketchbook, Paris Ms. 77B, Landsberg 10
27. Die laute Klage, first version of WoO 135 publ. Hess Supplement; autograph in Berlin
28. An die Geliebte, first version of WoO 140 as published by Gombart: Augsburg
29. Cadenza to Rondo for Piano Concerto no. 3, op.37, from the Toscanini/Horowitz leaf.

Anhang 1. Andante in D for Clavicembalo, SPK Mus. Ms. 1267
Anhang 2. Cadenza to Piano Concerto nr. 3, op. 37, from Melk Abbey

As Willem just noted to me today, Anhang 1 might need to move into the main list, so we may have changes even before this goes live. As you can see, most of these items are available for your listening. The Lamentations of Jeremaiah, Gardi 4, have been a work in progress for a long time, and who knows when or if our work will see the light of day.